The Western Nostril has finally made it into the mainstream media in South Africa - in the Business Day strangely enough. Trevor, Tokyo, Raymond - these are but a few famous businessmen who are now faced with our humour on an almost daily basis. We are sure they will return the favour in the future and we’ll inherit abundant riches, but until then we still need friends and fans. That’s where you come in…

This site will remain up to date with Nostrils, so that you can pick through them from Tuesday to Friday each and every week. Maybe you’ll find a diamond, maybe you’ll find a booger.

Bookmark it and tell your friends and enemies to do the same. It’s for free!

About the authors

Patrick and Alex are brothers. They live on either side of a small coastal valley near Cape Town. On Patrick’s side is an abandoned glass furnace which he uses as a secret underground studio. Alex works from the stairwell of a lighthouse. Every so often the brothers gather their respective cartoon ideas and wade to the middle of the marsh that divides the valley in two. Then over a flask of minestrone soup they discuss their ideas. Once they’ve sorted the good ones from the bad, Patrick goes back to his furnace to draw them and Alex lingers in the marsh until it gets dark.